10 Easy Fixes to Injured Legs When Running

The following is an introduction on common running mistakes causing injuries and how to prevent then. These injuries focus mostly on the legs, but we will also look at other injuries that usually afflict runners.

  1. Runner’s Knee

This usually happens when your knee goes out of alignment due to excess strain. You will feel its effect when you sit on your knee for extended periods, affecting your legs in the process.

Aside from visiting your doctor, rest is recommended.

Cutting back also on your mileage will help for the faster healing of the injured knee.




  1. Stress Fracture


This occurs due to overworking your legs. It leads to discomfort and pain, and the only way to recuperate is to rest.

Do not put undue pressure on the leg because it will worsen the injury.

You have to rest to speed up the healing process. It is also recommended to visit a doctor to identify which part of your leg has the stress fracture and to be prescribed with the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.



  1. Shin Splint

This is one of those injuries during and after running a race that can really cause a lot of discomfort.

The pain is in the tibia (shin bone) and usually happens when you suddenly change your running routine or increase the duration suddenly.

The easiest way to recovering is to rest for several weeks, followed by mild stretching workouts and slowing working your way back.



  1. Achilles’ Tendinitis

Is there an immediate fix to injured legs while running so you can still finish a race?

It depends on the injury, and with an Achilles tendinitis, you’re going to feel pain at the back of your heel.


If you insist on running, the pain could reach all the way to your legs, so you have to rest.


  1. Pulled Muscles

Pulled muscles are minor tears in your muscles, often accompanied by a popping sound.

It could affect your quads, groin, calf or hamstrings.

If it’s just mild you can probably walk it off, otherwise, you have to take a break and let it heal.







6. Sprained Ankles

This can happen if you land on your foot wrong or you twist or roll while running.

Mild sprains can be walked off or you may need to apply some compression or ice on it, and raising your ankle also helps.


  1. Plantar Fasciitis


This is due to planta fascia inflammation and causes pain on the calf muscles and affect your legs as well.

Stretching your calf and resting can relive the pain.




  1. IT (Iliotibial) Band Syndrome

This condition brings about pain on the outside of your knee, but you can ease the pain by cutting back on your running and doing some stretches prior to working out.

After exercising and running, you should ice the affected area.



  1. Blisters

Blisters are caused by friction between your skin and your socks/shoes.

Make sure your shoes and socks are a good fit, and apply petroleum jelly to the areas vulnerable to blisters.




  1. Leg Cramps

If you’re cramping up, stop and massage the affected muscle.

The only treatment is rest, so stop running and work on the cramped muscles until they loosen.


Our Take

If you’re asking the question what to do after a race if you feel you have injured legs? The answer is to know what kind of injury you’re suffering, but most of the time, it requires rest. In other words, you have to be patient.

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