Hi there and welcome to my site!

funrunnergirl - chamiFunrunner girl here – a lover of running and an advocate of health and fitness. Started running since college but was hooked into running when fun runs became popular.

Ever since then, she has come to love running and got to improve every time. She was hooked to train hard after beating personal race records and won a series of top places in the local races in the female category. 🙂

Even with a professional full-time job, there’s no excuse not to be fit and not to run. She’s a full-time employee but tries to exercise, run and practice at least twice a week or whenever schedule allows it. Running has its benefits and once you started doing it, sure you’ll love it too!

Hopefully this site can offer you with tips on how to run better and share with you products that could help you in your fitness goals and in having fun while running. 😉



When not running, Funrunner Girl also loves to go on hiking trips, mountain climbing, caving and other outdoor activities. She also claims, personally, to be an advocate of spreading awareness and protection of the environment. She also loves joining tree planting activities, mangrove planting, river clean-ups and the like.






I am not a professional race athlete and by no means an expert in running. I just love running and love to research anything about it to improve myself and what would work best for me. It is still better to look within yourself, your needs, what you think is better for you and set goals to achieve your health and running goals. You may want also to see your doctor especially if you have existing medical conditions and if running would be okay or the best exercise for you. Hopefully, this site could somehow guide you in your way to fitness, on how you can start running, run better, and have fun while doing it! 😀