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The Most Essential Hydration Packs

Anytime you plan to spend serious running, you’ll want to bring along one of these packs with you. They may have the same function but some are better than others, and one product in particular stands out.

These belts have a simple function, and that’s to hold your packs and make sure they’re secure while you’re running. If you’re going to use one, make sure that it’s not only comfortable to use but adjustable too.

Salomon Hydration Pack Skin Pro 3

This is one of the top rated running hydration packs today thanks to its unique Sensifit design that provides stability. Designed to work with the Custom system Adjustable Sensi shoulders, this pack comes with a 1.5 liter soft bladder, an isothermic waterpouch and several pockets including a zipped one on the side.

Measuring just 37 x 20 x 9 cm and weighing 9 oz (260g) with a volume of 183 cu. in. (3 Liters), this is one of the best running hydration systems as it is not only light, but it doesn’t move around when you run, something runners will appreciate. The Salomon  doesn’t just provide plenty of pockets but it’s also comfortable, light and secure, the three things that runners look for.

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The pack includes a whistle, handy when you’re in the woods, and overall the quality is superb. It’s machine washable too and while there are several pockets, they’re well- placed and easy to reach. One of the problems with most of the packs today is they try to add too many features while compromising the weight and usefulness of the product, but the Salomon is a notable exception so it’s a buy.

The Adalid Gear Belt

Adalid Gear Hydration Belt

One of the best running hydration belt is the Adalid Gear. Designed with a lightweight neoprene material, the belt doesn’t chafe or bounce around, and it comes with elastic nylon straps that can be adjusted, plus its buckle clip is compatible with waist sizes ranging from 32” to 40”.

One of the best water pack for running, this is worn on the hips low and comes with a couple of 10 ounce bottles (BPA free) and two detachable race bib toggles.

Adalid Gear Hydration Belt - back



The pouch is sweat and water resistant, great for storing your phone, and there are inner pockets too so your cards and other items don’t get scratched.

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The belt also has high quality reflectors at the side, back and front so even if you run at night you’ll be safe. Last but not the least, it’s got a one year warranty so you are covered so yes, this is one of the best hydration belts around.



TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration BackpackTETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Backpack


This Sports Oasis has a capacity of 1100 cubic inches/18 liters, more than sufficient for
extended running, and it also comes with a 70 oz. / 2 liter hydration bladder. The unit is sturdy and resistant to punctures so a few bumps or hits won’t cause a leak. It’s also got a sizeable pocket to store your stuff and also has butterfly storage for your other gear.

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The front of the pack has a zip pocket with key clip and organizer, and the side meshes can be used for your sunscreen, water and energy bars. A close look at the design also shows that the shoulder straps have a chest shock absorber, mesh covering and the ventilation has EVA foam too. Last but not the least, the backpack has a rainfly so everything stays in place. This is a full featured hydration gear, period.

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