A Look at the Best Long Distance Running Shoes

You should think twice before going on a long-distance run using your trusty old sneakers. Chances are, you’ll only risk having your shoes disintegrate during your run, or worse, you might even end up seriously injuring yourself. The best long distance running shoes are designed to give the best foot support to the runner. A great, durable pair provides comfort, safety, and even helps the runner run faster, too.

When considering shoes for long distance running, it’s always best to consider several factors, and not just settle for what’s affordable. More often than not, if you settle for a substandard, mediocre pair, you’ll end up getting what you paid for, which isn’t a lot. While there are definitely a lot of stylish options out there, you must go beyond aesthetics and consider how well a pair works for you in terms of comfort, support, shape (especially the foot arch), weight, sole thickness and grip, and durability.  The best shoes for long distance running are those that ultimately make your feet feel good, comfortable, and well supported, with just the right amount of cushioning, and a shape that conforms well to the natural shape and arch of your feet.

For the best long distance running shoes for high arches, it is always recommended that you choose a pair that is a traditional style neutral shoe, which is quite common in the market so you won’t have trouble securing a pair from the most trusted brands. You won’t need as much support so neutral shoes that are also lightweight are a great choice. What’s most important is that the shoe fits well, and it provides the right level of comfort you will require, the type of foot arch you have, and the length of distances you are planning to accomplish during your workout/training.

The best lightweight running shoes for long distance runs are those that do not sacrifice comfort, stability, protection and ample grip and traction. A great pair of lightweight running shoes is one that can adapt to various types of terrain. It is ideal that the lightweight shoes be also equipped with high-performance soles that provide good grip on uneven surfaces as well. This versatility allows you to move from one terrain to the next without the risk of any injury or mishap.

During long distance runs, it is just vital that you choose a lightweight pair because a heavy pair of shoes will end up draining your reserved energy, and will only lag you down. In this case, it’s recommended that you do not settle for a cheap or subpar pair because aside from weight, you are also looking at its durability.

Here are reviews of some of the most popular long distance running shoes for men in the market that are good contenders for your ideal pair:

Merrell Men’s Bare Access Ultra Trail Running Shoe


Merrell Men’s Bare Access Ultra Trail Running ShoeIf you’re looking for a pair that’s lightweight, yet performs excellently, Merrell Men’s Bare Access Ultra Trail is a great choice especially if you’re the type who prefers footwear that’s minimal without too much fuss. If you prioritize weight, but still would like to receive a great deal of balance, stability, this pair will definitely deliver. The Vibram outsole offers stability and adequate sole grip even with its usage on rough terrain.

Even if this shoe is very lightweight and recommended for barefoot running, it doesn’t scrimp on important factors such as protection and support. It is equipped with a protective toe cap to prevent any toe injuries. As for sustained cushioning, its M Bound midsoles provide just the right amount of comfort and support. This shoe doesn’t give your feet calluses. As for size, however, some wearers of the shoe complain about the midsoles being a bit too narrow for their liking, but the forefoot is quite wide and doesn’t constrict the toes.

This shoe is not only touted as one of the most stylish ones out there, but is made of high quality, breathable, and easy to clean mesh material that’s also equipped with an odor-controlling feature. Reflective details for low-light runs and treks are incorporated into the design for added safety. This pair is also vegan friendly as well, so you’re at peace knowing that no animals were harmed in the creation of your footwear, making you feel even better. It also comes in a variety of colors and styles, so there’s bound to be one to fit your personality, whether you’re an adventurous, outspoken type who likes bright colors or if you are more reserved and prefer neutral tones.

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Salomon Men’s Sense Mantra 2 Running Shoe

Salomon Men’s Sense Mantra 2 Running Shoe

This shoe is equipped with features that make it quite a heavy duty footwear option for long distance running, but amazingly still remains lightweight enough for most runners. Whether you are a trail runner or a road runner, the Salomon Men’s Sense Mantra 2 is one that will help you seamlessly adjust from one terrain to another. If you’re worried about using the shoes on rough or more technical terrain, you are reassured that the shoe’s multidirectional lugs will offer the right amount of grip for these types of surfaces. You can even wear these shoes without socks, too!

If you have high arches on your feet, this pair should be a good fit for you as it is neutral, and you will require minimal support. It features a seamless Sensifit that hugs your feet in just the right areas, providing a snug comfortable fit even with the ample cushioning.

As for protection, the shoe features a Profeel Film that protects your feet from the elements, as well as rocks and other trail debris that might injure the underside of your feet while running. Another great feature about the Sense Mantra 2 is its Quicklace system that allows the wearer to easily and conveniently adjust the tightness of the shoe, and even has a lace pocket designed so you can tuck in the tips of the lace, securing your shoe even more.

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Adidas Men’s XCS 5 Spikeless Cross Country Running Shoe

Adidas Men’s XCS 5 Spikeless Cross Country Running Shoe

Lightweight and sleek style combined, this is what this shoe is all about. The Adidas Men’s XCS 5 Spikeless Cross Country Running Shoe boasts of great design that doesn’t scrimp on important factors such as ample cushioning, support, and protection. This shoe is recommended for average to long distance runners.

This shoe is guaranteed to provide great comfort and ventilation with its shock web printed upper, and a perforated, single layer suede tongue insole increases the shoe’s breathability, preventing bad odor and sweat accumulation.

As for stability, you can count on this shoe to be reliable when in use on uneven surfaces and medium to rough terrain, as it is equipped with an Adiwear rubber with full length Traxion on its outsole. For people with high arches on their feet, this shoe is quite neutral, so it should fit quite snugly and offer just the right amount of support and balance. Even with features such as these, this shoe remains incredibly lightweight, so if you are a barefoot runner, this is another contender whose good looks will also win your approval.

As for aesthetics, the design really stands out, with the combination of black and electric blue details, paired with a light gray with cracked marble print soles. It’s truly among the most fashionable choices out there as far as long distance running shoes is concerned.

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New Balance Men’s MLD5000 Long Distance Spike Running Shoe

New Balance Men’s MLD5000 Long Distance Spike Running Shoe

If you’re looking for a pair that’s sure to make a statement, as well as getting the most bang out of your buck, then the New Balance Men’s MLD5000 Long Distance Spike Running Shoe is one that’s sure to deliver. This pair boasts of being an ultra-light running shoe, and is a popular choice among running athletes out there, for use even in 10,000m racing events.

What’s remarkable about this shoe is that it is very responsive, which makes it perfect for long-distance running. It is equipped with a Fantomfit synthetic and mesh upper, which provides an ultralight fit and ample support, and REVlite RC, a high density foam, is added for a more comfortable fit that is also responsive. As for the outsole, the shoe features Dynaride, which is a lightweight material that provides great traction, which makes this shoe able to perform excellently on various surfaces.

Aside from those, a 4-pin spike plate is added to the shoe’s complex design, which provides more grip, and the spikes give you an extra lightweight feeling because of its springiness. Its spikes are really the star feature of this pair of running shoes, and it definitely makes it stand out from other long distance running shoes out there.

It’s design is also one that begs to be mentioned. In its all-neon glory, you are sure to turn heads not only because of your speed, but also because of your bright and colorful footwear. This running shoe is not one for the conservative types, as the bright neon orange and green definitely is for more adventurous and sporty individuals. Though, it comes without saying that this pair looks definitely cutting edge and stands out from your regular pair of running shoes.

However comfortable, for people with wide feet, this shoe may not be a good choice as it is quite narrow.

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ASICS Men’s GEL Nimbus 17 Running Shoe


ASICS Men’s GEL Nimbus 17 Running ShoeThis Japanese brand is known for coming up with great, reliable pairs with great performance. The ASICS Men’s GEL Nimbus 17 running shoe is loaded with various features and technologies that will surely level up your running game and will help you in terms of improving your running speed, agility, and optimum performance, whether you are a long distance runner or an average runner.

This pair boasts of its enhanced fit and cushioning. The silicone-based cushioning is a remarkable technology that is able to absorb shock, therefore reducing foot pain and injuries that is inevitable during long distance running. This gel is applied on both the rearfoot and forefoot areas of the shoe, providing a comfortable, snug fit that helps to keep your feet relaxed even under duress. The shoe is also equipped with a Fluidfit technology that’s responsive, and adheres and adapts to your foot’s shape as well as its movement. This is a neutral shoe and is recommended for people with high to medium foot arches.

As for maintenance and cleaning, among its features is the ComforDry X-40 Sockliner which is made of an anti-bacterial material, leaving your shoe smelling fresh and free of bacteria as it reduces moisture and keeps odor at bay.

Even with all these impressive features, this pair is still very lightweight, leaving you with a feeling of flying when you’re out on the track. The midsoles, even with its superior cushioning, weighs only a little. It’s definitely a great pair that’ll help you soar through the clouds during your long distance running.

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I hope that this review will give you an idea of which is the best long distance running shoes for men out there in the market. A good word of advice is to first determine your running profile before heading out to canvass for footwear options. Know how much distance you plan to cover with the use of your shoes so you can gauge what kind of features you will be requiring. The last thing you want to happen is for you to end up with shoes that will give up on you in the middle of your long-distance run.

Once you are at the store, do test the fit of your shoes along with socks, to determine if it’s the right fit. Do a test run if possible, and do get to know as much as you can about the pair. Consider this as an investment for your running. It pays to be 100% sure of what you are purchasing.

Surely there are a lot of choices out there and settling for one can be very confusing at first. But I’m confident that you’ll find the perfect pair once you’ve determined what your priorities are in the shoes you are looking for.

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