Our Top Choices for the Best Running Gadgets

Looking for the best running gadgets online can take a lot of time because there are so many to choose from; but there are some factors you can consider to make the decision-making process easier. First off, you need to decide what type of high tech running gadgets you really need because not all of them can be considered essential after all.

Secondly, take a look at the brand name and reputation because buying gear for running is no different from purchasing other products, as you need to make certain of the manufacturer’s reputation. To make it even easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best fitness running gadgets online.

1. JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones – Storm White

JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones - Storm White

One of the best earphones today, the BlueBuds are notable for their crisp sound and secure fit, so this isn’t going to fall off even when you’re out running or working out. Capable of up to 8 hours of playing time, it’s comparable to the best running gadgets for iPhones and can be used for both phone calls and music.

The BlueBuds also offers protection against sweat, and with SignalPlus the music is skip free even if you’re outdoors. These sports earphones aren’t picky about where you put them either, below or above your waist it doesn’t matter. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, testament to its quality.

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There are a lot of good ear and head phones in the market today, but the BlueBuds is definitely one of the best in terms of sound quality, durability, lifespan and value for money. One of the problems that is frequently experienced with poor quality headsets is the sound quality goes down when used during running or workouts, but that won’t happen here.

2. Evershop 1.5″ LED Screen GV08 Smart Watch Outdoor Sport Bluetooth WristWatch

Evershop GV08 Smart Watch Outdoor Sport Bluetooth WristWatch (Gold)

The Evershop smart watches are rightfully considered among the top running gadgets today, as it can send out notifications from calendar, email, SMS and caller ID, very useful. The Evershop also has full Bluetooth and GSM capabilities.

If you’re looking for versatility the watch can double up as a pedometer, vibration alert, alarm clock, camera, music player or a Bluetooth dialer. The watch also works with your iPhone when used as Bluetooth device, allowing you to sync your contacts, make a call, or call. Do keep in mind that these functions as well as the notifications, anti-lost and remote capture, depend on the availability of the iOS apps.

The Evershop is packed with a lot of features and the battery life is pretty good too. Brightness and other settings can be customized and it’s easy to play music here. Charging to full takes just 30 minutes and the push notifications work as well as advertised.

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What’s really nice about the watch is the MediaTek app allows you to set up notifications for other things on your device. One more thing: the UI is intuitive, always a plus.

3. Lock Laces

Lock Laces (black)

If there’s one thing that runners hate, it’s when shoes laces get untied. With this utility however that’s no longer going to be an issue. Whether you’re running or exercising, once you install these they’ll turn your shoes to a slip-on. The Lace is easy to install too, though for best results you should be wearing your shoes.

If your foot is in the shoe while installing the lacing system, it allows for a more secure and custom fit. This is also one size fits all (the lacing system is 48 inches long but can be extended up to 72 inches). It’s covered by a lifetime guarantee and it’s also water resistant and elastic, meaning you can wear this anytime, anywhere you like.

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Each pack has 4 cord locks, 4 elastic laces and 4 cord tips to keep the ends from getting frayed.
Installing the lace is
straightforward and because they conform to your feet, there’s sufficient support and comfort. The laces also minimize the pressure points on your feet, providing a soothing feel throughout the day. This lacing system is suitable for runners who are training for long distance events like a marathon, but it’s just as effective for daily use.

4. Sportify Me Reflective Running Belt

Sportify Me Running Belt sample

One of the best running gadgets today, the Sportify Me flip belt works well as both a running and exercise belt. It doesn’t jiggle even when you put keys in and you really get a complete hands free workout. There are three pockets and they’re all well placed for easy access and storage, as you just need to flip the belt and you can put in money, keys, a smartphone, ID and other stuff.

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The belt is stable so even while you’re engaged in any sort of physical activity like running, cycling, boxing, aerobics and so on. Unlike other running belts the Sportify Me is light and it won’t feel like you’re carrying a lot of weight around your waist. The belt itself is made of high quality material and the additional stitches make certain that the belt has a long lifespan. Bottom line: this is high quality stuff.

5. TomTom Runner GPS Watch + Heart Rate Monitor

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Today’s GPS units don’t just point directions anymore as they also perform other tasks and have other functions. A good example of this is the TomTom Runner: it’s not just a GPS as it also has a heart rate monitor that allows you to set a target heart zone rate to boost your anaerobic threshold.

The GPS functions as well as advertised and compared to other devices it’s more accurate. Combined with the heart monitor and you’ll be able to go past your limits the next time you go out running. The TomTom also comes with the patented QuickGPSFix Technology so you can monitor your strides along with the odometer and accelerometer.

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These built-in devices work well on a treadmill and outdoors, and the watch is easy on the wrist as well. The perforated rubber doesn’t stick to you even if you’re sweating heavily, and the LCD display is large, easy to read and resistant to scratches.

Well, there you go. We hope you get to check these coolest gadgets in the market. Have fun and enjoy these gadgets while you run!


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