Our Top Picks for the Best Trail Running Apparels

There’s no shortage of trail running apparels online and it’s an indication of how much runners recognize the importance of wearing the right clothing. Since the term apparel covers a broad area, you have to understand and know what you are looking for specifically in a product.

When it comes to apparel for runners, it’s all about being comfortable. You need to focus on running so the last thing you need is clothing that makes you uneasy. The apparel also needs to provide your body with some degree of protection, and as the following reviews will show, that’s exactly what you get here.

Drymax Trail Run 1/4 Crew w/ Turndown

drymax-trail-run-1-4-crew-with-turndownOne of the best trail running socks today, the Drymax is made from elastaine, nylon, polyester and Drymax materials and is made specifically for trails. The double welted, turn down top provides sufficient ankle protection and also does a good job keeping dirt out. The Drymax also has a unique Dual Layer Moisture Elimination System to keep your feet dry, and the anti-microbial fibers prevent odor from emanating.



drymax-trail-run-1-4-feauresThe Drymax is medium density and as such can be used in warm and cool weather. Whereas other socks have no particular features suitable for trail running, the Drymax   is different. It doesn’t have any vents so dirt won’t get in, and the aforementioned padding keeps debris from getting inside your feet. What really makes this one of the true trail running essentials is it eliminates sweat and water from your skin while you run.

The thing about socks is they are often taken for granted, and the only time we think of them is when our feet gets wet or cold. With the Drymax, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

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No-Show Wool Running Socks – Ultra-Light Merino Wool Athletic Socks

no-show-ultra-light-merino-wool-trail-socksIf you’re looking for the best trail running apparel the No Show socks should be on your watch list. These socks have a unique yarn that keeps your feet warm and at the right temperature. In addition, the No-Show has a mesh top that provides additional ventilation.

The No Show is also notable for its looks, contemporary and sleek, and the heel is cushioned so you are not going to get any blisters while running. These socks have also been designed to be non-allergic so you’re not going to itch. Whether it’s summer and dry or you have to go into a puddle, these socks will keep you dry and your feet won’t be left feeling cold. If you’ve ever tried running on cotton socks you know they’re not up to task, and with the No Show there’s no reason to put up with them.

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Salomon Trail Runner Warm Pants

salomon-trail-runner-warm-pantThe Salomon Men’s Trail Runner Warm Pant combines all the elements necessary for quality trail running pants, namely engineering, comfort, athletic and progressive. The pants are well-designed and cool to wear, and it’s not going to restrict your movements even at full stride. While the pants were designed mainly for running, it’s just as practical to use for hiking and camping.

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As many reviewers have indicated, the Salomon excels in terms when it comes to keeping you warm, and it’s particularly efficient during the winter. Unlike other winter gear however, the Salomon is light and won’t drag you down. The pants are available in different sizes so finding a good fit isn’t going to be an issue. The Salomon has just the right amount of tightness without squeezing you, and it doesn’t get in the way even when you run whether it’s cold or warm.


Blitzwing Hydration Pack

blitzwing-hydration-pack-with-70-ozIf you’re on the lookout for the best trail running hydration pack, the Blitzwing is a good candidate. When you’re on the trail it’s essential you have a sufficient water supply and that’s precisely what you get here. With a capacity of 70 oz. it is sufficient for a whole day of running.

The Blitzwing has adjustable chest and shoulder straps so it’s convenient to use, and it’s pretty much a one size fits all with 27” for teens and children and up to 50” for adult men and women. Not only does the chest strap fit different individuals, but when it is set, it keeps the pack from bouncing around while you’re running or working out. The Blitzwing also has an extendable bite valve so you can easily reach it.

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Cleaning the Blitzwing is easy as you just need to use warm water, and there are three storage pockets where you can store keys and other personal items. The whole thing weighs just 0.77 lb. so it’s not going to slow you down even when filled to the brim. The bladder too is made from high quality material so it’s not going to leak out while you’re on the trail.


G4Free Hydration Pack Sports Runner Backpack

g4free-trail-sports-runner-hydration-backpackWhen it comes to trail running equipment you can’t go wrong with the G4Free.  It has a capacity of 3 L so you can say goodbye to the old plastic water bottles you’ve been carrying. Aside from the spacious bladder, the G4Free is made high-density 600D polyester that’s water resistant and durable.

The pack has three pockets, the main pocket and two others in front. The front pocket is perfect for your towel, phone, keys, wallet and other small items. The main pocket meanwhile, is for carrying bigger items. Because the pack is stable it’s appropriate for running, hiking, biking, or you just want to bring water while traveling.

Another benefit of this trail running gear is the build: it can withstand constant use and won’t get damaged with a few hits and bumps. It’s easy to fill the pack with water and with the adjustable straps you’ll be able to adjust this quickly.

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There are a lot of run packs online, but they’re often limited in terms of function and use, but the G4Free is a notable exception. This is essentially an all-purpose pack with a hydration bladder, and for runners this is exactly what they need to keep going.


For upper clothing, you may also wanna check out some of trail running apparels below:

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