Most Essential Reflective Gears

Also called reflective vests, these are worn by runners to increase their visibility. Studies show that a number of runners get involved in accidents because they weren’t visible enough for the driver to see, so if you like to run at night or early morning, a reflective vest becomes essential. It may be argued by some that certain accessories are more luxuries than requirements, but a reflective vest is something you cannot do without if you decide to go out on an evening run.


247 Viz Reflective Vest247 Viz Reflective Vest

A reflective outfit is necessary when you’re running at night, and the best right now is the 247 Viz Reflective Vest. The most conspicuous feature here is the neon polyester neon strips that enhance your visibility even when it’s late at night. The vest comes with arm and ankle reflective bands for additional protection, and what makes this different from others is the 360 degree visibility works during the day and n247 Viz Reflective Vest (Worn by Running).jpgight.


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In addition, the vest doesn’t chafe, and the ergonomic design means it’s not a hassle to set up, and when you add the Easy Side loops, adjustments are quick and easy.

A quick look at the stitching shows that it has been reinforced for greater durability, and yet the vest is comfortable to wear thanks to its softness. But more than anything else it’s the 360 degree reflectivity that makes it great for runners.


Roadrunner Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling

This reflective vest is all about protecting you, and thanks to its reflective properties, Roadrunner Reflective Vest for Running or Cyclingrunning at night or in a busy street isn’t going to be a concern as the Roadrunner vest makes you stand out, sending signals to approaching vehicles no matter the time. The vest also comes with a free yellow band and its soft and breathable fabric makes it convenient to use.

The vest is easy to put on and take off, and the material means you can move, sweat and breathe freely without feeling constricted.

The Roadrunner vest aRoadrunner Reflective Vest (Worn by Running).jpglso has a rating of 600 candlepower, meaning fellow runners, cyclists and drivers will see you from 650 feet away whether it’s day, night or early in the morning. The vest also has sizable patches on the chest and waist, and there are strips running along the shoulders to enhance visibility even if it’s dark or foggy.

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The vest has an X shape so it hangs on your chest without impeding your range of motion. Whereas other vests are restrictive and feel heavy, the Roadrunner is light and offers full 360 degree movement.

Flectson Reflective Vest for Running or Cycling

The Flectson reflective vest is constructed from 100% polyester, and with the Velcro side closuresFlectson Reflective Vest you’ll be able to customize the vest’s size and fitting. Available in sizes ranging from S Flectson Reflective Vest (pocket)to XL, the vest is suitable for those who like to run at night or early morning, and the zippered pocket provides space and security for personal items.

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The vest is great for runners but it’s also effective for joggers and bikers as it works the same way. Because the vest is highly visible drivers will see you easily. the visibility range is good for up to 650 feet and since it is made from knitted polyester, the mesh is very light and won’t affect your performance. One of the most common drawbacks with regular vests is the weight; they’re just too heavy to the point that your performance is affected, but not here.

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