Review of Saucony’s Cohesion Running Shoe

Pros: The shoes are comfortable on the feet thanks to the built-in cushion. If you’re a runner or your job requires you to be on your feet all day, these shoes will do just fine. The cushion is top notch, way better than what you would get with other shoes. The shoes are lightweight and won’t slow you down: while other shoes tend to feel heavy after running for several minutes, this is an exception. The Cohesion 8 are very durable and can be used extensively on different terrains. The support level is more than adequate for short, medium or long distance running. The majority of reviews are positive and a good indicator of its quality and design. The construction is versatile enough for use on trails and the road.

Cons: Most reviewers are happy with the fit although if you have a wider foot, you may need to opt for a higher size since shoe opening is not as wide compared to other sneakers.


Saucony is one company that has become synonymous with high performance.

Along with their popular running apparel, the Saucony group has received widespread acclaim for their well-designed runners’ footwear like the Hurricane ISO, Triumph ISO and the Kinvara. Another one of their most popular running shoes is the Men’s Cohesion 8, which is the subject of this review.

There are many reasons why Saucony has become synonymous with quality, but mainly it’s because these shoes allow you to run longer without feeling any pain or discomfort, and each one undergoes a rigid test to ensure their quality.

These shoes are also subjected to several processes to ensure their durability is at the highest level possible so your performance is optimal. The company has also become known for their technological innovations: while their footwear has a lot of followers, they continue to develop and implement new technologies.

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Breathable Mesh and ISO FIT

One of the trademarks of the Cohesion 8 is its fitting, and that’s made possible by the ISO FIT and breathable mesh that make the shoes comfortable to wear. It’s an established fact that individuals who spend a lot of time running experience discomfort or even pain if they’re not wearing the right pair of shoes. The mesh in the shoes is especially important when it comes to providing comfort: if it’s not done right, there will be an uneasy feeling.

The Cohesion 8 excels in this department thanks to the ISO FIT and mesh. Together these elements keep your feet cool when you’re running during those hot summer days. What the Cohesion 8 mesh does is provide sufficient room for  your feet to breathe no matter the running condition. While some shoes can only provide comfort under certain conditions, the Cohesion 8 is all-around.

Heel GRID System

The Heel GRID System provides you with all the necessary support and cushion for short to long distance running. The product of several years of testing, the Heel GRID System features a specially embedded foam at the midsole of the shoe. With this in place your feet receives maximum cushion as you make those strides while running.

All running shoes have some sort of cushion built in, but what makes this stand out is the responsiveness. With other running shoes you feel the foam getting too soft the longer you wear it. That’s not the case here since the embedded foam was built to provide stability.

Special Flex Grooves for HIGH FLEXIBILITY

Apart from the GRID System, the Cohesion 8 also comes with special Flex Grooves that make the shoes more flexible. While the Cohesion 8 places great emphasis on cushion and support, the flexibility level is still high and superior to other running shoes.

Here’s a video review by Richard from Zapoos (on YouTube):

To sum it up…

The Cohesion 8 is a full featured, well rounded shoe that performs as well as expected. The design and build are right up there with the best and when you consider the cost, it’s well worth the money. While there are more expensive shoes online, the Cohesion offers great value and is therefore worth a purchase.

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